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Scared stiff by violent windscreen wiper

Published:Saturday | August 6, 2016 | 12:00 AM
A windscreen damaged by street hustler at Three Miles.

It is with great disappointment and confusion that I write this letter outlining a horrid experience that I had with a young man near the Three Miles stop light on Spanish Town Road (Portia Simpson Miller Square).

I was going about my duty as a Customs officer and a law-abiding citizen on August 3, 2016, at approximately 10 a.m. at the stop light when I was approached by a group of boys gesturing to wipe my windscreen. I vividly used my hands to indicate ?no, thanks?, at which time all except one young man moved on to solicit other motorists.

This young man started to insist on wiping my windscreen. Again, I said ?no? by shaking my head this time. He shouted, ?Yuh can?t help the youths?? I told him I was sorry but that I couldn?t just now.

He became enraged and started banging on the windscreen so hard until a hole and cracks appeared across it. If that was not enough, he proceeded to the rear and started to bang on the roof and the side of my car, causing dents.

The fear that gripped me rendered me motionless and speechless. The aggression with which this young man violated my safety and damaged my car was appalling.

I am pleading for a solution to have these children removed from the street to prevent me or any other motorist from encountering this nerve-racking incident. I managed to pull myself together after tooting of horns brought me back to the present.

I went to the Hunts Bay Police Station, where I filed a report, describing the incident and my assailant. The police officer went to the location and made queries, after which I was informed by the officers that they knew of the young man.

Not only will I now have to spend nearly $30,000 to replace my windscreen, but I will

also have to repair the damage to the rear of my vehicle. This is, however, secondary to the nervousness that I still feel having been unable to rid my mind of the picture of the young man breaking my windscreen and the feeling of fear for my life.

Please, help us! Please, help preserve our constitutional right of free movement and the right to feel safe. Something must be done. Do something!