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Disappointing service at Jamaica Customs

Published:Thursday | August 11, 2016 | 12:11 AM


I am writing to you with a lot of anger and disappointment. I would first like to mention the service received as a member of the public and how the telephone operator at Jamaica Customs is very unprofessional. She is rude and when she actually lets you finish your sentence, she then manages to disconnect the call.

I am very frustrated having tried to call the motor vehicle department for the last two days (Tuesday and Wednesday), without any success. Also, bear in mind that I am calling from the UK. The calls I have been making are extremely expensive on my part and I have made several calls, holding between five and eight minutes per call.

I fail to understand how the Jamaican government can justify these high importation fees. The Customs Department is a disgrace to the country and yes, I can say this as I am from Jamaican descent.

My sole reason for contacting this department was to gain further information of the importation of my motor vehicle.

Jennifer McKie