Fri | Aug 17, 2018

Educate nation on coal-fired process

Published:Thursday | August 11, 2016 | 12:08 AM


I have been following the news ever since that announcement about the Chinese opening a coal-fired plant in Nain, St Elizabeth. Persons, especially in St Elizabeth seem overly excited about the future benefits to be obtained from such a plant.

I listened to a TVJ newscast recently and was very shocked to learn of the ignorance among the populace in the parish. They are not aware of the harmful side effects that could result from a coal-fired plant. In fact the people, including their political representative, think that we are talking about charcoal.

I am therefore suggesting that people who are in the know about the harmful effects of using coal, should educate the people so that they become aware that this coal substance is something mined from the earth and not obtained by cutting trees and using the wood to burn charcoal. I am of the view that if we educate the people, they will wake up to see the looming danger.

B.A. McLeod