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Bushy Park main road a disgrace

Published:Saturday | August 13, 2016 | 12:00 AM
The marl-ridden, pothole-riddled Bushy Park main road.
Everald Warmington, St Catherine South West member of parliament.



Ashman Food Products Ltd

Bushy Park, St. Catherine

Two weeks prior to the December 2011 general election, the entire asphalted surface of the Bushy Park main road was removed by an unidentified work crew. Since then, absolutely no further work has been done, and as a result, the dust from the marl left as the surface has become a nuisance to both pedestrians and motorists.

Whenever it rains, the road is virtually impassable. Further, no bush clearing or drain cleaning has been done in spite of the Zika threat.

Our company, Ashman Food Products, employs 100 workers, and many report respiratory illnesses caused by, no doubt, the inhalation of the marl dust. We have lost 17 suppliers of farm produce as they are not prepared to face heavy repair bills for vehicle damage. In the past, we have communicated with Dr Omar Davies, then minister of works; Everald Warmington, the member of parliament; the St Catherine Parish Council and the National Works Agency, to no avail.

Our company is engaged in agro-processing, and 80 per cent of our product is exported. We pay all our taxes, including the environmental tax on exports, on time and in full and contribute greatly to the road-repair fund through the $9-per-litre tax on fuel.

We are embarrassed to have visitors and potential customers use this passage to our facility. How can we have a representative who ignores an entire community, not even communicating with the constituents as to the plans to repair this busy thoroughfare?