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Letter of the Day | Al Miller not above public condemnation

Published:Tuesday | August 23, 2016 | 12:00 AM
The Reverend Al Miller


For the last two weeks, I HAVE observed various pastors twisting themselves into pretzels in letters to the editor and other commentary in order to defend, whitewash, minimise or simply resist the fact that the Reverend Al Miller is a convicted criminal.

Lacking an understanding of the law, one pastor even suggested that the court ought to have considered the evidence from the Tivoli enquiry in passing judgment on Rev Miller, a totally nonsensical, desperate suggestion.

Well-thinking pastors ought to set an example to the rest of the society about respect for the law by accepting that the court found the evidence Al Miller gave in his defence to be "less than candid" and he was found guilty. Like any other person convicted of a criminal offence, he awaits sentence. His egotistical desire to play hero by consorting with Dudus, whether en route to the US Embassy or not, was totally misguided, inappropriate and unlawful.

I was relieved to see that the Rev Devon Dick had the courage to break ranks with the community of pastors and express his view publicly. I also learned from Rev Dick's article that Al Miller "owns" the church and, as such, Mr Miller faces no external accountability and probably only faces 'sanction' from his congregation, to whom he has already been spinning the fact of his conviction in a heady brew of pseudo-religious "reasoning", biblical analogies and Scripture quotes.




I expect pastors to be compassionate about Rev Miller's plight, but to scold other pastors for public commentary of his conviction on the basis that they are 'brothers in Christ' is hypocrisy. Rev Miller has been convicted of a crime and must face the consequences, including public opprobrium.

These pastors' attitude remind me of the Catholic Church's response to paedophile priests.

Reverend Miller ought to pray for clarity, honesty and the courage to face the consequences of his actions. May Al Miller learn some humility from his mistakes, that he is a mere mortal who is not above the law and that Church and State are separate.