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Letter of the Day | Stop dumping dogs in gullies, fords

Published:Wednesday | August 24, 2016 | 12:00 AM


Twice this month, I have seen two beautiful dogs disposed of in the Benson Ford, Kingston 8. I theorise that the scandal (plastic) bags placed over their heads were the only sign of respect the owner could muster for his faithful, furry, four-legged friend?

How could the owner be so callous as to just toss a dead dog out like a piece of trash? Nothing should be littered in a gully, since such action is illegal.

So, without an ounce of civic pride, the owner has now rid himself of his dead dog by illegally dumping it in a residential area without any respect for the environment or his fellow community members, who will, in a few days, be hit by the pungent stench of a rotting, swollen dog carcass!

The likely scenario to follow is that a nearby resident (who cannot breathe fresh air in his own home) will have it set alight with an old car tyre, further polluting the community with toxic fumes or, perhaps, the next garbage truck man will have the unfortunate job of picking up the decomposing, maggot-ridden remains in the back of his truck to take it to the dump!

The sight of these two lovely animals - who, judging by the quality of their shiny, healthy coats, were obviously well fed and cared for before being discarded - upset me so much that it set me on a mission to find out what options there are for people with a dead dog on their hands.




The good news is that there is hope! I found a dog-loving man by the name of Chris Ingledew, who you can check out for yourself on his Facebook page called 'Faithful friends pet cremation, Jamaica.' He provides professional cremation services for dogs using proper cremation equipment and offers a First-World array of packages based on his clients' wishes. Of note, he also provides a very simple, communal dog cremation for an affordable fee of J$1,700!

That is the perfect reason why you no longer need to toss your dog into the nearest gully, in the darkness of night, like a piece of trash. Let's start doing the right thing and respectfully and hygienically dispose of our four-legged friends.


Kingston 8