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Action against Filipino drug lords welcome

Published:Friday | August 26, 2016 | 12:00 AM


I am disgusted with Gwynne Dyer's myopic view of the Philippines.

If he really did his research about the killings perpetrated by drug syndicates and police officers, he would understand how to deal with armed druggies and pushers.

Under President Duterte's less than two months in office, people feel safer now. True enough, the crime rate is down on the average by 50 per cent. I live in the National Capital region and I worry no more about crime. My biggest concern is the heavy traffic that is plaguing the metropolis.

The president has the strong support of the people at 91 per cent, based on a recent survey. He has the super majority in Congress, meaning only nine MPs belong to the Opposition out of 300-plus.

Our economy is growing and is one of the fastest among major economies in Asia. We have a vibrant culture and entertainment scene. There is political stability in the last decade, a strong president, and people are happy.


Pasig City, Metro Manila

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