Mon | Jul 23, 2018

Let your voices be heard

Published:Tuesday | August 30, 2016 | 12:00 AM


It is amazing to think that those who make decisions where our country is concerned would even entertain the idea of a coal-run plant in St Elizabeth - or anywhere in Jamaica, for that matter.

I am sure our decision-makers who we consider to be educated, bright people must follow the news on pollution worldwide, and specifically in places like China, Korea and France. How then could they court the idea of a coal plant in our island? St Elizabeth is the 'bread basket' parish!

We talk every day about our children being our future.What future? Our greed is leading us to a place where nothing will be left for our children or their children.
Our leaders have toyed with the idea of mining the Cockpit Country - our main watershed area. They have changed plans in coastal areas in order to give permission to construct massive hotels, seemingly without concern for the environs.
Our so-called 'bright' decision- makers are allowing foreign entities to pull the wool over their eyes.
Wake up, everybody and let your voices be heard. The entire island will be polluted and all of us will suffer if we do not act now. Let your voices be heard.