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Letter of the Day | PNP in shambles

Published:Thursday | September 1, 2016 | 12:11 AM


The current campaign-funds misappropriation saga that is grappling the 78-year-old People's National Party (PNP) may be the final nail in its electoral coffin. The executive of the PNP is a complete disaster, and there is no justification for returning Mrs Portia Simpson Miller to the helm of the party. As president, she has rendered that party, through her poor leadership, unelectable and unattractive to well-thinking, educated individuals who have any understanding of modern, functional democratic political parties. In the midst of this scandal, when asked for a response to the funding scandal, Mrs Simpson Miller in her usual aloof way responded by saying she was not aware of anything the reporter was asking about and that she has been very busy on the ground. Mind you, this is nine days after the fact. Dr D.K. Duncan, in the usual shield-Portia style, stepped in to try and respond on the leader's behalf by saying he was there to brief her as she has been in meetings all day.

Unless I am living under a rock, Mrs Simpson Miller could not successfully operate in any other democracy as a party leader and more so a prime minister. As a political leader and one with over 40 years' experience, there are certain attributes that are expected, the main one being honesty. Regrettably, the leaders within the PNP do not exude any acceptable leadership acumen that would render them worthy of leading this country. Dr Peter Phillips takes pleasure in saying the most absurd things on the political platform about the economy that he, just a few months ago, was in charge of and boasted of its performance. Now a mere six months after he speaks of doom and gloom. What a hypocrite!

To the second most disappointing comrade just behind the leader: Mr Paul Burke. He is testament of the PNP's tolerance and glorification of non-performers. The party has performed poorly under his stewardship as general secretary and he is yet to be sent packing. Instead, the leader has voiced her approval of his management as general secretary.




The PNP's moral fibre has always been questionable from the plethora of scandals that has engulfed the party, however, it has been able to ride out the storms because of strong leaders. This time, however, the leader is not only weak, but has all the weaklings in her corner. That's a sure recipe for disaster. It was interesting to read an article published in the Gleaner dated August 30, 2016 titled 'Arscott declares hands clean!', where former Local Government Minister Noel Arscott made it clear he was not one of the persons fingered as collecting contributions on behalf of the party. It was most disappointing, however, to read that Mr Arscott thought Mr Horne's tabling of the report in the way he did was 'designated to cause mischief'. I would love to ask the former minister if Mr Horne should have tried to cover up this mess.

At this time, were I a PNP delegate, my vote would be for the only person with enough guts to face an obviously weak leader - Dr Karl Blythe, as I don't think anyone can be worse at managing the party than Mrs Simpson-Miller. The party's current state falls at her feet.


St Ann, Jamaica