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PNP president must address the country

Published:Thursday | September 1, 2016 | 12:11 AM


Media reports have indicated that before the last general election some cabinet members of the then Portia Simpson Miller-led administration collected campaign money and contributions from the private sector and failed to hand over those contributions to the party's treasury department. The People's National Party's (PNP) treasurer report, penned by Norman Horne, painted a dismal and scandalous picture of senior party members who were in high-ranking government positions. This is shocking, disgraceful and frankly speaking, appalling.




PNP President Simpson Miller has a responsibility to fully investigate this serious issue, inform the public as to her findings, and thereafter, take the required steps to discipline such persons. According to PNP leadership contender and nominated candidate, Dr Karl Blythe, all those senior former cabinet ministers and others involved in soliciting and receiving party campaign funds before the elections and who failed to hand them over to the party should all be publicly exposed and never again be allowed to hold governmental positions. Blythe is absolutely correct. This is corruption which must be dealt with firmly by the party's disciplinary committee, for these allegations have immensely embarrassed and damaged the credibility of the PNP.

According to Blythe, Mrs Simpson Miller has a responsibility and a public duty to state definitely whether or not she has personally received any campaign funds before the general election and if so how much, when, and whether they were handed over to the PNP. This is a very serious party situation facing the PNP which needs to be immediately addressed by Mrs Simpson Miller and to indicate what sanctions will be levelled against those party members who used their senior privileged government positions to solicit and receive general-election campaign party funds and failed to turn over same funds to the party. Let's see how Mrs Simpson Miller addresses this serious party and important national issue.

Robert Dalley

St James