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Letter of the Day | A pensioner's call to action

Published:Tuesday | September 6, 2016 | 12:00 AM


I write this letter on behalf of many (perhaps hundreds of thousands) of Jamaican pensioners who did not receive their monthly pensions in March and April of this year. For this they are still suffering and seeking answers and redress from the Accountant General's Department of the Government of Jamaica.

As a large part of the at-risk population of this country, pensioners have faithfully delivered on their stewardship and now depend on meagre pensions to provide food, shelter, health-care and utility facilities and much more, not to speak of a modicum of independence and respectability. These are basic human rights deserved and earned.

With the arbitrary stopping of their pensions, important life-sustaining services which pension deductions pay for, were also stopped. The consequence of this is suffering and anxiety continuing to snowball out of control even as you read this letter.

In the interest of government pensioners' welfare, and lest this scenario is repeated or allowed to continue, pensioners thus affected are appealing to all civic-minded persons, journalists in particular to use her/his/their investigative skills to look into this matter and air it. This matter deserves to be at the fore of the public's attention. Exploitation of ten thousand Jamaican pensioners is exploitation of all Jamaicans.

- J.B Barrett