Sun | Oct 21, 2018

Sad treatment of Portia

Published:Wednesday | September 7, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Simpson Miller


As a woman, my heart bleeds to see Jamaicans make a mockery of Portia Simpson Miller. I shudder to see the cruelty that Jamaicans are dishing out to a woman who has dedicated 40-plus years to politics.

I do not know if Mrs Simpson Miller is ill, but what I do know is that sickness does not respect anyone, and that if she indeed has medical issues it is not for anyone to rejoice over, because the only thing promised to each and every one of us is death. It is how we have lived our lives and what we leave behind that will make a difference.

When I was a child, anyone passing the age of 50 was treated with respect. Today, growing old is a crime. Not many of us will make it to her age, and many who do will have done nothing to be proud of.

To see the first female prime minister of the country being treated with such disdain, cruelty, and disrespect speaks volumes to who we are as a people.

This is how we treat a woman who has given so much and dedicated so much to her country. This is how we applaud her hard work and dedication, by treating her like a piece of garbage that we randomly dispose by the wayside. How sad.

Michelle Bradshaw