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Peter Phillips should not cry down success

Published:Thursday | September 8, 2016 | 12:00 AM


I find it curious that having restated that he will be a contender for the leadership of the People's National Party (PNP) when Portia Simpson Miller leaves that position, Dr Peter Phillips has sought to cast himself in the role of an 'ordinary Jamaican' and to cast aspersions on those who are "great financiers, bankers ... and owners of capital". This is a clear dig at Peter Bunting the other challenger who has distinguished himself in business through hard work, sacrifice and innovation, as a founding member of Jamaica's first successful investment bank.

Again, it seems that Phillips is returning to his old game of tearing down success. How irresponsible is that in a country like Jamaica - which is crying out for wealth creation - and when individuals who build wealth by empowering others ought to be encouraged, not discouraged!


That kind of politics belongs to the past, and we have paid a high price for it. There is no benefit to be gained by disparaging those who contribute to economic growth and development, even for some assumed narrow political advantage. What kind of signal is this negative posturing sending to business persons? Does he not want investment and development? Is he satisfied with Jamaica's anaemic growth figures? What benefit is there to the country by deriding success?

What Jamaica needs now is someone who understands how to build success and grow the country - someone who is not just a politician and who sees his role as assisting to build the country and who possesses the required skill sets to do so. What we do not need, as Phillips has declared, is people who feel that politics is their only salvation, or as Phillips said, "The PNP is our only real inheritance." What does this mean? Is it the elevation of politics over economics? I would call upon all well-thinking Jamaicans to resist such backward nonsense.

We need modern leaders who are not stuck in outdated ideas, modes and outlooks, who seek and understand success, and who can pilot the country towards same instead of hypocritically crying down success from behind the wheel of a brand-new Toyota Land Cruiser.

Christene Black

Red Hills