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To whom do we turn for help?

Published:Thursday | September 8, 2016 | 12:00 AM


I am in despair for my country that I really love. I am in despair as I think it is not progressing as it should.

Tuesday was a day I will never forget. My sister and I are pensioners and we live with our sick brother and another sister. We have worked hard all our lives and we have tried to help our fellowmen in whichever ways we can. Helping one of them has come back to haunt us. A young man whom I sent to computer lessons as a child, who I sent to learn to sew and gave a brand new machine and money to start his own business, took ganja and went totally mad. He has been like this for some time now and has been in prison at least twice.

He came to threaten us Tuesday and we called the police. They did not come. We went to the police station and they did nothing about it. We locked up in the night with fear in our hearts. Today he is still at large. We called the police again. They said they are not equipped to deal with the mentally ill and we got the name of the nurse in charge of him who told us that maybe we 'troubled' him and anyway she cannot come 'till tomorrow. We will lock ourselves in again tonight.

Nobody seems to care. The police that I tried to complain to said we should report to the inspector in charge of the Cross Keys Police Station. We saw no such person. We reported to the person behind the desk and got a document noting our effort.

Why do our police wait for something to happen before taking action? Who do we complain to when they shirk their duty? I called INDECOM and no reply, it rang without an answer.

I feel lost, frustrated, disgusted and betrayed. Whither Jamaica? To glory or to the dump heap? I wonder.

Jean Goulbourne