Sat | Jul 21, 2018

An uplifting tale

Published:Friday | September 9, 2016 | 12:00 AM


I write to express my gratitude and to commend the two good Samaritans (driver and conductor) on one of the buses plying the Waterhouse, St Andrew, route, who came to the rescue of a helpless little girl on the afternoon of Wednesday August 7, 2016. Without sharing too many details, on that day, the six-year-old girl left her school in the downtown Kingston area and walked all the way to the number 81 bus stop, where the driver and conductor saw her and asked her where she was heading. She told them the area where she lived, upon which the two angels, realising that she was alone and lost, took her on the bus and travelled some distance outside of their regular route to carry her straight to her house.

I share this story for a number of reasons. First, public passenger operators generally have poor reputations because of their behaviour on and off the roads, so it was extremely heartening to discover at least two persons in the system who cared enough to put a human being above hustling. Secondly, this story could have ended any number of ways, many of them bad, especially given the violent acts being perpetrated against the nation's children.

The actions of the driver and conductor have restored my belief that there are still wonderful, caring people living in this country. To those persons who seek to offer assistance to those in need, in whatever form it takes, may the good Lord bless you abundantly.

Finally, it is my fervent wish that stories like this will become the norm in our society.

H. Campbell