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Letter of the Day | Broaden scope of Olympic success

Published:Saturday | September 10, 2016 | 12:00 AM


Now that the Rio Olympics is now over and Jamaica is basking in its athletic prowess in track. (Notice, I said 'track'.).

However, one must ask the question, aren't there more diamonds in the rough in Jamaica? Surely, there is a vast reservoir of talent embedded in the youth of this country, just waiting to be harnessed. There have to be future swimmers, shot putters, boxers, discus throwers, divers, gymnasts, pole vaulters, equestrians, distance runners, steeplechasers and cyclists waiting to be discovered.

How do we find them? By placing more emphasis on physical education in our schools from the primary level to university, robust application techniques with measurable outcomes, broaden the disciplines for Boys and Girls' Champs to include some of those listed above, islandwide outreach to communities by the Ministry of Culture and Sports to discover new talent, build state-of-the-art physical education facilities, sponsors from corporate Jamaica and offer scholarships to G.C. Foster College of Physical Education and to track clubs.


Producing another Bolt


We have become fearful of hearing that Usain St Leo Bolt will hang up his spikes after next year's World Championships. We must remember that all great feats must come to an end, but what is important about greatness is that it generates positive energy and will always go down in the annals of history.

Succession planning is the hallmark of a good business model. All who are involved in the business of producing athletes must be thinking 'what if' and then make contingencies. We should now be concerned about producing another replica of Bolt before some other country does it. Let's believe in our potential to excel.

Imagine the Olympic year 2036. Somewhere on planet Earth on the medal podium could be a Jamaican gymnast, steeplechaser or pole vaulter. Let's lay the foundation for reality.