Thu | Apr 19, 2018

Raise highway speed limit

Published:Saturday | September 10, 2016 | 12:00 AM

IT IS surprising that Highway 2000 and now the North-South Highway are in operation and no programme to educate drivers is in place. Simple rules are needed for safety:

1. The recommended speed limit should be 120km per hour. When set at 80km, it leads to accidents. Motorists drive slowly in the passing (right) lane and others are forced to bob and weave between lanes to get around them.

2. Jamaican drivers have no experience with four-lane highways and do not know how to enter and exit them. When exiting from a highway, the driver on the road being entered must know he must give way, i.e., slow down or move over to allow the car from the highway to enter. When entering the highway, the driver must give way to vehicles on the highway and he must get his speed close to highway speed. Signs should be in place to this effect.

3. Minimum speed on the highway should be set at 80km per hour.

4. There is a basic highway driving rule that needs to be emphasised. This is, 'keep left, pass right'. Our highways have too few such signs. 'Keep left, pass right' signs should be placed 5km apart on all highways.



Hope Road, Kingston 6