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No lasting cure for crime

Published:Tuesday | September 13, 2016 | 12:01 AM


For years, the People's National Party (PNP) promised us a reduction of guns flooding the country. We constantly struggle to keep the gun death count under 1,000 every year. The country has been begging, several crying, for a serious response to the bloodshed and slaughter of innocent lives that is enveloping us.

We have changed police commissioners but seem to get the same results. Unfortunately, the police force is incapable of resolving the problem or lacking appropriate funds to end the war. We are so overwhelmed with fear that we look to prayers for an answer.

We seem to breathe more easily even with a report of a five per cent decrease in the death count as criminal marauders kill with impunity.

Our current Government seems just as befuddled as the prior regime.

We seem to forget that Jamaica is a small island. Weapons can only land on our soil by sea or air. How can a load of weapons pass through our ports unnoticed? Why can't our coastguard detect small boats bringing drugs and weapons to our shores? Why can't our police intercept telephone calls of the gun dealers? Why can't we infiltrate the garrisons and the lotto-scamming gangs? Surely, there must be people in high places financing these criminal enterprises that can be tracked down and brought to justice.

How many more Jamaican lives must be snuffed out before we rid ourselves of this blight strangling our country to death?


Kingston 8