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Al Miller needs to step aside

Published:Thursday | September 15, 2016 | 12:07 AM


Today, the Reverend Merrick 'Al' Miller, who was convicted in the courts for attempting to pervert the course of justice, will know his fate. He has been getting tremendous support from his flock and other men of the cloth, many of whom, no doubt, are hoping and praying that the judge will be lenient and grant him a non-custodial sentence. And I do wish him well.

But there are other concerns that have been raised in the court of public opinion as it relates to this issue, questions as to whether Reverend Miller has the moral authority to continue leading an organisation that should be the bastion of moral and ethical values, which has, as part of its obligations, to promote these values by example.




The Reverend Devon Dick, the pastor of the Boulevard Baptist Church, raised similar concerns in an interview aired on CVM television recently. He essentially suggested that with the possible negative perception that the public might have as it relates to the issue, Reverend Miller should take a back seat, do some introspection, and perhaps engage in other work that might fit his calling.

While I cannot speak for members of the reverend's flock, who no doubt will disagree with this suggestion, perhaps either out of blind sentiment or deep commitment to Mr Miller, I do agree with Reverend Dick. I certainly hope good sense will prevail and that an objective perspective of the issues will be explored and their implications will be embraced by Mr Al Miller and the members of his congregation and advisers with a view to advancing the interest of the church.

Errol McLeish

Daytona , Greater Portmore

St Catherine