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Portia the stepping razor.

Published:Friday | September 16, 2016 | 12:00 AM


It was a sombre, pity-seeking Portia Simpson Miller, who in August told the media that she had no knowledge of a leaked report by her party's treasurer and all the atrocities it alleged.

Mrs Simpson Miller stunned the nation when she said she knew nothing of the scandal, which started when the treasurer's report alleged that some senior party members pocketed campaign funding instead of handing it over to the party.

Then, in a subsequent televised interview, the People's National Party leader appeared to lack control of the party as her aide, Sandrea Falconer, interrupted the interview while Mrs Simpson Miller was in the middle of answering a question.

This sparked outrage and had at least one medical doctor suggesting that the leader was not well.

Dr Karl Blythe, who is going up against Mrs Simpson Miller for presidency of the party this Saturday, no doubt had an agenda when he made the pronouncement about her health.

But his remark sparked a lot of concern about the leader's state of well-being.

Now less than two weeks later, Mrs Simpson Miller is warning of how dangerous she is.

"Don't cross the line with me!" she warned. "I'm a stepping razor, I am dangerous!" she declared.

But what is new here? Mrs Simpson Miller has never been above playing the gender card. Now she has managed to coin this sickness card to her advantage.

And you know why? Because it works.

It gives her enough pity and enough time to bounce back from one of her many errors with a new level of fierceness.

But we should never allow ourselves to forget, that it's the same Mama P.