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When will Jamaica wake up?

Published:Friday | September 16, 2016 | 12:00 AM


This letter is in regards to Jamaica's 54 years of celebration. Looking back on Jamaica's history and the current state of the country, I would like to know what's there to celebrate. Have we really achieved anything?

We were enslaved for hundreds of years and our ancestors had suffered the worst kinds of atrocities mankind has ever encountered. As people of African descent, if we valued the struggles our ancestors had endured for our freedom, we wouldn't have sold our island and its resources to foreigners (Chinese, East Indians and Europeans).

Yes! The yokes from our necks and the shackles from our hands and feet are gone, yet mentally, we are still enslaved. All of our resources and lands are foreign owned. Your investors don't even bank their monies in Jamaica, and they pay little or no taxes. So what's there to be proud of?

We have a lush country, fertile land, yet it isn't Jamaican citizens who benefit from these resources; it's foreigners who profit from our country, while our people fight to survive.

Wake up! We haven't learnt from our history. Our leaders still act like puppets on strings. In the past, the slave masters owned us; today, they own all our resources. Our present isn't much better than our past.


For Jamaica to go forward, it needs leaders with integrity and backbone, leaders who can't be bought or sold, leaders who will stand up for the good of the people and the country.

Any government corporation that sold 11.5 acres of property for $10,000, when that said property was worth a $164 million, shouldn't be in any kind of management. This is one of the reasons why our island is in such a sad state. Our leaders lack vision, business management and sincerity for its people.

Jamaica is like her mother, Africa. She is the richest continent on Earth, yet her people go naked and hungry, while foreigners have the fat of the land. When are we going to wake up from our slumber?


Toronto, Ontario