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Letter of the Day | Band together to battle farm theft

Published:Monday | September 19, 2016 | 12:00 AM


In recent years, there has been an awful lot of debate on the matter of praedial larceny. Farmers have lost millions from persons who ply their trade by illicit means.

We are mindful of the hard work these farmers have done for themselves to ensure they are viable and can float above the tide. It is very difficult for one to work and watch the rich rewards one should receive go up in smoke. Much more severe punishment has to be executed to deter persons from travelling this route.

Today, we have to apply technology in order to reduce the incidence of praedial larceny, which has been a matter of concern to most farmers. The magnitude and extent of praedial larceny has, for years, destroyed the lives and livelihoods of many aspiring farmers. The agricultural sector cannot afford to be reactive, but must be proactive in its quest to reduce the constant harassment from these thieves. Drones are now being used to catch these unscrupulous persons, but the farmers have to be informed of proper mechanisms in order to use this equipment.

The receipt system, which has long been used to curtail this awkward trend, has failed to reach fruition and, consequently, we are tied up while pondering our next move. The farmers will have to take a deeper look at measures that can be employed to secure a most positive outcome.




Livestock is the chief thing being stolen by these culprits, so the farmers have to work in tandem with the police force to ensure that proper accountability can be achieved.

Therefore, farmers will have to look closely at the pros and the cons so that they are on the right track and to ensure the safety of their belongings.

It would be a wild illusion if we cannot man ourselves to secure the safety of our ground provisions and livestock. Many young persons are afraid of entering this field because they are of the view that they are going to work for nothing due to these thieves.



Greater Portmore, St Catherine