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Justice system stinks!

Published:Wednesday | September 21, 2016 | 12:00 AM


The stench emanating from the dumps and blocked drains and gullies across our city pales in comparison to that coming from the corridors of justice in Jamaica. Whereas the former can be remedied, there appears to be no such fix available for the latter. The highways, main thoroughfares, as well as the streets and lanes, that comprise these corridors need to be dug up, bulldozed and repaved in their entirety.

Having had the most repulsive experiences of traversing some of these corridors over the course of the past year, and having been exposed to the nauseating fumes en route, not only through the tiny lanes but also through the highways of said corridors, I can only come to the conclusion that our system of justice stinks!

In a previous letter to you, I had mentioned a couple of my encounters with dishonest cops who presided over the mysterious disappearance of my property while same was in their possession.

I could detail an encounter with a cop who, in full view of his cronies, was wilfully responsible for the destruction of my personal property because a football belonging to me had the audacity to bounce over the fence and on to the grounds of his workplace.


What of a Fraud Squad that appears to be unable/unwilling to retrieve a motor vehicle stolen from me, even when in possession for six months of the name and address of the person currently 'borrowing' same? The stench has been almost palpable along these streets and main thoroughfares along which I have to travel all too frequently.

Unfortunately, it gets worse as we get to the highways of the corridors of justice.

A suit brought by the Professor Brendan Bain against the University of the West Indies for defamation and wrongful dismissal was heard in front of three 'justices' in January 2015.

A report by Barbara Gayle, justice coordinator, and published in your newspaper on Thursday, January 29, 2015, said, "The full court has promised to hand down its decision on the matter without undue delay."

That was January 2015. It is now September 2016. Twenty months have elapsed.

Justice delayed is justice denied.

The stench is unbearable!


The Kidz Klinik