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Update on Crime Stop progress, please

Published:Thursday | September 22, 2016 | 12:00 AM


For some time now, in order to aid the security forces in their fight against crime, the National Commercial Bank, and the Lime Foundation and maybe others have been sponsoring and financing the Crime Stop Programme. To date, there has been no update to the general public in regards to the success of the programme

I believe that if a monthly or quarterly publication of the extent of the success of the programme in terms of figures, including the amount of money paid out for information received, is published, this would be an encouragement to would-be informers to come forward. This would also help to solve more of the serious crimes, such as murders, which the police now have well below 50 per cent success in solving.

In talking to people, mainly in the inner city areas, they are of the opinion that there is a catch to the whole information thing, and that if they talk, they may be implicated and that they will never get the reward as promised, so the publication could dispel all of this.

The fact that agriculture is very important for growth of the economy, the crime reward should also extend to that sector though small that economy may be, to catch the thieves who sit idly by and wait on your crops and animals to mature then steal them.

Dudley Brown

76 Waltham Park Road

Kingston 11