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Only God can stop crime wave

Published:Friday | September 23, 2016 | 11:11 PMElaine Huie-Cooke


In response to Jamaica's high crime rate, the one-time minister of national security, Peter Bunting, once said, "Only God can help us." Many persons, at that time, took his statement lightly. But when we look at our present situation, I reiterate what the minister said: "Only God can help us!"

I am, therefore, writing this open letter to the Umbrella Group of Churches, all ministers' fraternal, and every denomination in this country: We cannot, as a nation, continue to murder our babies, infants and children. We cannot continue to wipe out whole families and hold communities to ransom. For a country with so many churches and Christians, something is not computing.

It is either that we believe our God is the Almighty God who is well able to do all things, or we do not. If we do, we need to rise up as a people and ACT. Our God is able and willing to deliver this nation, according to His Word. In II Chronicles 7:14, we are reminded that we should "humble ourselves, pray, seek His face, turn from our wicked ways, and He will hear from heaven, forgive our sins and heal our land".

He did it for the nation of Fiji. See 'National Revival in Fiji' Transformation Video on YouTube. God healed that nation so that even plants and fish that were believed to be extinct for more than 100 years reappeared.

Recently, at a gathering of Christians and church leaders held at Half-Way Tree, a bishop, like the prophets of old, symbolically took an axe to destroy a coffin, indicating a destruction of the monster of crime. Now we need to rise up and put ACTION to our faith: personally and nationally. Here are a few suggestions:

- Set a date for Christians islandwide to fast and pray, seeking God's face for ourselves and our nation.

- Let the doors of every church be opened from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. for a week, or weeks, to facilitate persons coming and going to pray;

- Let every denomination take the name of a gang, or gangs, calling their name before God in prayer;

- Let us not only prayer-walk through communities, but get involved in the lives of young men and women and their families.

- That the Ministry of Education be asked to teach the Bible in our schools, not just as a part of teaching religious education but, as a Christian country, as our faith. This generation does not know the Ten Commandments, the Golden Rule or the Lord's Prayer.

- Also, let the ministry seek to get male teachers back in our schools to help in the discipline problem, and to be role models to both our boys and our girls.

We are fighting a spiritual battle.Only God can change the heart of man, not social programmes. We will, through the power of Jesus and His Holy Spirit, break the Satanic stronghold on our nation.


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