Sat | Jan 20, 2018

Some Jamaicans too nasty

Published:Friday | September 23, 2016 | 12:00 AM


There are currently much advertisements, literature and other awareness programmes with regard to the Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica campaign. Can littering be contained?

I distinctly believe recycling can rescue Jamaica from the disaster of littering, the blocking of drains and waterways. Items such as polyurethane bags (scandal bags), glass bottles, paper and cardboard boxes can be recycled or reused creating employment and well-being for many persons. The Riverton City dump would be less impacted if recycling of tyres, metals, glass bottles and plastic bags are separated for recycling methods. Most companies would spend less in production if recycling methods were introduced.

Those persons who cry foul on prime time about flooding in central and residential areas oftentimes are those who dispose stoves, fridges and other household items in gullies and drains, Even items as small as condoms pose a risk.


The flooding of Marcus Garvey Drive, Port Maria and Montego Bay proves that inappropriate disposable methods can be disastrous. I applaud Desmond McKenzie deliberating for a new set of stringent laws to deter public littering of waste of all kind. Most times, a slap on the wrist is awarded, by a small fine, for negligent persons in the courts or perhaps three months in prison.

It is utter disgrace to witness persons like bus drivers and conductors urinate around the perimeter of the St William Grant Park in downtown Kingston. Urine now stains the walkway around the park, and a strong stench hangs over it. In many countries, offenders are tried and locked away for a considerable period.

What appals me is that there are restrooms inside the park well kept by a warden who daily cleans the amenity with any donation of a small fee for the purchasing of cleaning agents for the facilities, but negligent, nasty and undisciplined persons utilise the perimeter wall.

How long will these wayward practices continue?