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Letter of the day | Awaiting Holness’ solutions to crime

Published:Monday | September 26, 2016 | 12:00 AM


When Andrew Holness and the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) was in opposition, Mr Holness took the stage in front of his supporters and laid the blame for the violence in Jamaica solely at the feet of the People's National Party (PNP).

Much to the point, that he made it very clear that if Jamaicans wanted to live, and if they wanted a Jamaica that was crime-free, under no circumstance should a vote be cast for the PNP to regain power.

Surprisingly, I did not hear one supporter of his party come out and tell him that crime should not be politicised, and that a better man would have said that he was committed to working with the PNP if they won, or have the PNP work with him if the JLP won, to try and curb the incidences of crime affecting all Jamaicans.

The hypocrisy is, now that he is the prime minister and Jamaicans are questioning his plans on how he intends to fulfill the promise he made regarding a crime-free Jamaica, all his supporters can come up with is talk about when the PNP was in power.

Common sense dictates that if I have a business and the manager that I have hired to manage that business is not doing a good job, then I try to find someone who can manage the business the way I want it.

Now, if I hire someone who, according to their rÈsumÈ, states that they can do better, who, when I interview them, tells me they can do better, how do I then, when they do not do better than my previous manager whom I fired for being incompetent, blame that previous manager for their mistakes?




See how dunce these people are?

What is baffling is that those who support this administration will take credit for plans that were laid out by the previous administration, but talk about finding a solution to what is taking place concerning crime and violence, you are met with "What did you expect Andrew to do in seven months?"

I am hoping that the same manner with which Mr Holness could assure Jamaicans in New York that he was committed to transforming Jamaica, that he will do the same and assure Jamaicans in Jamaica that he is committed to transforming the nightmare that they are now facing into something positive.

Michelle Bradshaw