Sat | Aug 18, 2018

Trump supporters are not stupid

Published:Monday | September 26, 2016 | 12:00 AM


During the course of the weekend, Reggae sensation Etana came under heavy criticism for declaring her views on the upcoming United States of America presidential elections in support of Republican nominee, Donald Trump, during a televised interview.

After reading and contemplating many of the comments, insults and ridicule meted out to her, I was astonished to realise that in a country such as ours, known for its strong democratic ideals and freedom of expression, that there are still persons willing to deprive others of such privilege.

Without a doubt, supporting the views of Donald Trump does not in any way suggest that you are unintelligent. For this, I wish to go beyond the propaganda and fallacies to state my three main reasons why I support Donald Trump's candidacy.


1) Patriotic slogan: 'Make America Great Again'. I happened to agree with him that the first matter of any government should be the focus of putting their country's interest first.

2) Immigration policy: I happened to agree with border protection and proper vetting of visitors who wish to be granted access into another country. With proper immigration procedures, the central government can effectively plan its policies - the social, financial, health and security demands of the country.

3) Foreign policy: Radical Islam. I happened to believe that ISIS and other extremist groups should be isolated. I also believe the oilfields being used to fund ISIS operations should be out of the reach of extremists. Also, I believe the Iraqi war was unwarranted. I further believe the cold war is a great risk to humanity, and that Russia and America working together can offer greater benefits to world peace and advancement.

In sum, politics can be an emotional topic. However, we must still accept the fact that without divergent views, democracy cannot work.

Zavier Simpson