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Get tough on loitering kids in HWT

Published:Saturday | October 1, 2016 | 12:00 AM
In this file photo, a policeman gives a stern warning to a schoolboy about his attire and behaviour at the Half-Way Tree Transport Centre in St Andrew.

I happened to watch prime-time news on September 20, 2016. The minister of transportation toured the bus hub in Half-Way Tree to scout for misbehaving children and those who loiter till dusk, but apparently, none were there. It seems they smelled the rat. Camera systems are fine, but my simple suggestion will deter these rowdy students and those who loiter after school hours.

Let me offer my suggestion for the clearance of students from this central meeting place at the transportation centre. I beckon to the police to apprehend all schoolchildren who seem to loiter and create mischief at the transportation hub in Half-Way-tree by taking them to the Half-Way Tree Police Station. They dare not leave the station until their parents or guardians are contacted and collect them.

These students who wear two hats, at home the loving, innocent child and on the road a 'leggo beast', will indeed be a surprise when the parents are called by their own kids. The students should be held as long as it takes at the station until parents/guardians arrive.

Students often fight over love affairs. I understand that adult men also utilise the centre as a meeting place with underage schoolgirls after class time. It is so disgraceful to see students carrying on in their school uniforms.

I happen to take a bus frequently at the centre and witness the drama that often plays out. More cameras should be installed. Police apprehension of miscreants would send a clear warning. If students, especially males, resist being taken to the station, appropriate containment should apply.