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Falconer has a pig vision

Published:Tuesday | October 4, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Sandrea Falconer


Experts in the biology field, specifically those who are into animal biology, know that pigs have dichromatic vision. Simply put, their view of the world is less rich than most others.

That bit of information is critical in understanding why Sandrea Falconer, the aide to Opposition Leader Portia Simpson Miller, went on social media on Saturday evening to complain about Prime Minister Andrew Holness wearing a green hat while he was checking to see if everything was in place for Hurricane Matthew.

The prime minister was doing what any good leader of a country would do. I am, therefore, having a hard time finding a reason why Falconer would make an issue of how he dressed.

If I am to go by the facts, however, not everybody can see genuine action for what is it. Sandrea Falconer is a political hack of a different kind, and being that means she can only see green and orange, and everything else matters not.

For God's sake, the hat that the pig-vision lady was complaining of had Jamaica written big and bold on the front.

It is people like her who have caused the intellectually deficient People's National Party to be irrelevant. The party, by having Falconer and others in key positions, has turned off many, and until they are rooted out, the vibrant orange that colours the rising sun will look dull.

The public should probably excuse Falconer for her inappropriateness because, again, science have taught us that those who often display sign of envy sometimes experience cloudy vision. Was Saturday night one of her moments?