Mon | Oct 15, 2018

Immorality the order of the day

Published:Friday | October 7, 2016 | 12:09 AM


Please allow me to express my deep disappointment in the way our political leaders continue to play politics. Last weekend, as Jamaica prepared for Hurricane Matthew and I listened to some politicians talk, I could not help but reflect on a song released by Bob Andy in 1986. Some of the words are:

"I was drawn into myself, observing all this time. From every angle I could see my people, you're meeting hell. Brothers have turned to crime, so they die from time to time. We'd like to ask you leaders, what have you got in mind?"

In October 2016, the question remains, what do our leaders have in mind? The walls of our beloved country are in ruins. Our enemies, crime and violence, have invaded our borders and are our constant companion.

We are reaping what we have sown. We have neglected our youths. Therefore, there are fatherless children who are growing up without any sense of direction - boys who have turned to a life of crime and girls who grow up into women searching for love in all the wrong places. Some of our children are deprived of a proper education, love or guidance. Many of our women are the sole breadwinners, while some of our men struggle with an identity crisis. Injustice, corruption and immorality are the order of the day.

Enough is enough! Rome is burning while people are fighting for the power and the glory. Is there no love of country and people? I am speaking to all political leaders. I am speaking to all Jamaicans.

"I see the fire spreading and it's getting hotter and hot."

As a nation, we have a moral crisis and a lack of strong leadership. Be warned, the fire will only burn deeper and deeper if we do not make a conscious effort to turn in the right direction now!


Stony Hill, St Andrew