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Letter of the Day | Clamp down on rogue cabbies and busmen

Published:Saturday | October 8, 2016 | 12:00 AM


I am very disgruntled about the wanton disregard for citizens' lives by public transport operators who blatantly ignore our road code. One just has to look at the way our taxi and bus drivers behave on our roads.

How many more innocent lives must these rogue operators take before the Government and law enforcers take action? Are they a law unto themselves? They behave as if the road was built for them alone.

One just needs to traverse Waltham Park Road, Washington Boulevard and Red Hills Road, just to name a few, to see the wanton disregard these drivers have for people's lives, especially in peak-hour traffic.

Some roads are created for two-lane traffic, yet they are turned into three and four lanes by these rogue operators. These buses and taxis are like a time bomb waiting to explode, as there are so many near misses with innocent motorists going about their business. Can't the police be present on these hotspot roads to ensure that the law is observed?

What I do notice is that the police are more in favour of setting up speed traps instead of making themselves present in trying to create order in our cities and towns. Every rule in our road code book is broken by these operators without any serious penalties being applied to these drivers.




Perhaps if drivers were losing their licences for committing the same offence three times in, say, a year, we would have more order on our roads. Why is it so difficult to rid the street of these lawless bus and taxi operators? These vehicles should be seized and turned over to the Government to assist with crime-fighting.

The problem with our country is that we always have to wait until things reach a crisis before we act. Why can't we enforce our laws? The country is in an anarchic state because of how poorly our laws are observed.

I am asking the relevant authorities to get the backbone to enforce our laws and ensure that people can go about their lawful business safely.