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Rebuke to storm sceptics

Published:Monday | October 10, 2016 | 12:00 AM


Commendations to the Government, Opposition, public service and disaster-management organisations for the preparation and heightened level of precaution taken as Hurricane Matthew neared Jamaica.

High praise be unto God for shifting such an impending disaster. The media and Meteorological Service did exceptionally well, even though they were blasted by some ignorant folks who believed they blew the hurricane threat out of proportion. It is with this same thankful breath that we continuously send up prayers on behalf of all other countries that have been, and are being, affected by Hurricane Matthew.

My one disappointment was with the refusal of residents in high-risk areas, like Port Royal, parts of Portland, and the Pedro Cays, to evacuate.

How can one be aware of imminent danger and rely, in a cavalier manner, on your shallow belief that the hurricane isn't coming so there is no need to prepare? Such persons are ignorant!

I would advise teachers in our schools to sometimes put away the textbook and discuss current and social affairs issues with their students. Allow them to build their analytical skills, because from years of observation, the reasoning level among some Jamaicans here and abroad is embarrassingly low. It contributes greatly to our crime, violence and poverty problems.

It is far better to be prepared for a hurricane that doesn't come than to be unprepared when it does. I encourage all of us to always be prepared for natural disasters.