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Don’t ignore MoBay's working-class heroes

Published:Saturday | October 15, 2016 | 12:00 AMValentine Pearson


As a concerned citizen of Montego Bay, I continue to be astonished as I always get the impression that the Corporate Area is Jamaica because the majority of the yearly national awards are given mostly to persons from Kingston.

Unfortunately, many persons from the different social classes in Montego Bay, and western Jamaica, in general, contribute significantly to the development of the nation but are not recognised.

To me, there are some very hard-working persons from the various social groups in the Second City, Montego Bay, who are rendering Herculean service for the improvement of the lives of the Jamaican people. Yet they are not recognised by the awards committee year after year.

Believe me, I have observed, especially, persons from the working class who constantly administer humanitarian service to the extent that they can be regarded as national heroes in their own right.