Sun | Jan 21, 2018

Mais family right to feel frustrated

Published:Friday | October 14, 2016 | 12:00 AM


When I read that the judge in the Khajeel Mais case ordered the family to quit discussing the case on social media, I said to myself, we do not only have jackasses representing us as politicians, but we have them sitting in courtrooms meting out what is mistaken for justice.

A week or so ago, the sister of young Mais who was shot and killed in cold blood simply for sitting in a taxi whose driver dared to scratch an X6, the driver of which was so incensed that he opened fire at the taxi, killing the 17-year-old Kingston College student took to social media, airing her frustration at the fact that justice for her brother was yet to be seen.

She sought the help of the prime minister and the justice minister, the outcome of which was for some judge to dare to suggest that all materials having anything to do with this case be removed from social media?

The life of a child was cut short in 2011, and the accused is still out on bail and has been allowed to go about his business for five years. The judge has the audacity to think that he can dictate what can and cannot be posted on social media as it regards justice for the family of this child? Once again the case was postponed, and the judge wants to sit on his throne of justice and expect the family to be silent?

I seriously have to wonder if this were the child of any top Jamaican, would justice have already been served?

Do lives only matter when they are those of the elite and wealthy among us?

At what point will the ghost of young Mais be able to rest? At what point will his family find some peace? Welcome to justice in Jamaica.