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Jamaican women, girls at risk really?

Published:Monday | October 17, 2016 | 12:00 AM

The Editor, Sir:

I make reference to an article published in The Gleaner on Thursday, October 13, 2016, by Jaevion Nelson, titled 'Our women and girls remain vulnerable - #PlanForHer'.

It seems as if your body is in the 21st century and your mind is comfortably at rest in the centuries of the Roman Empire, when women's role was to prepare boys to become healthy soldiers. Where are you Mr Nelson? In Jamaica or in Nigeria?

Patriarchy and injustices to women and girls in Jamaica? When I look around me, I am consistently seeing where the kingdoms of men and boys have fallen flat. The women in Jamaica are educators, judges, business owners, medical professionals, managers, journalists, etc. A lot of men are not even qualified enough to work as gas station attendants and helpers in supermarkets.

Have you been noticing how the gas station workers are being populated with women? Probably if you add a little class or colour to your argument you may pass the post, but first you will have to beseech the privileged women to pull up the bootstraps of their few unfortunate sisters.

Mr Nelson, you should think about getting a contract to write for one of the newspapers in Nigeria. Its president boasted in Germany recently that his wife belongs in the kitchen, the living room and the other rooms. The women in Nigeria need your help Mr Nelson, not those in Jamaica whose meteoric rise to fame and fortune is the envy of the world. You should also remember that Jamaica does not have the Boko Harams or the Taliban.

Use your column, Mr Nelson, to advance solutions to fraud, organised crime, gunrunnings, murders and scamming, in which the men are predominantly involved. Your argument is long dead and its funeral is long gone. If you contemplate about writing on these issues in the future, please refer to 'Men at Risk' - Errol Miller, 'Men on the Edge' - The Gleaner, and 'Where have all the men gone?' - the late Carl Wint of The Gleaner.

B. E. Reynolds (Mr)