Wed | Jul 18, 2018

Trump unfit for presidency

Published:Tuesday | October 18, 2016 | 12:00 AM


It is hard to believe that Donald Trump is still in the race for the US presidency. He seems to survive each new controversy - from the lewd, vulgar remarks and the accusations from multiple women, to the racist and sexist innuendos.

Here we have a man who speaks loosely about being attracted to his own daughter and minors. Ironically, Mr Trump is running on the conservative ticket, yet still has such a strong following. During the second presidential debate, Mr Trump stalked his opponent in a threatening, domineering manner as Clinton responded to questions. He was seemingly repulsed at the idea that a woman, leading in the polls, could actually become president.

It didn't take long for America to destroy and vilify Bill Cosby after multiple sexual accusations surfaced. Cosby, a black man, a successful and accomplished comedian, seemed to have been judged on different standards to Donald Trump, a white man firmly rooted in the Establishment, a man with financial power and clout.

I see some of Trump's supporters, adult women wearing distasteful T-shirts referencing some of Trump's crude comments. What a contrast we have in the Obamas, who often faced racism and contempt, yet handled it with class, intellect and decency. "When they go low, we go high," said Michelle Obama.

Mrs Obama publicly rebuked Trump's lack of decency in a powerful speech at a Clinton campaign rally held recently in New Hampshire. "Let's be clear, this is not normal."

A leader is not expected to be perfect, but should be respectable, to be able to command respect. Unfortunately, Mr Trump has repeatedly shown that he lacks morals, decency, ethics, judgement and the character to be ever respected as president of the USA, commander-in-chief, and leader of the free world.