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Letter of the Day | Blame organisers, not Spice, the queen of raunch

Published:Wednesday | October 19, 2016 | 12:00 AM


I strongly believe that the organisers, sponsors, and everyone who had a say in coordinating the celebrations for the Jamaican athletes on Saturday, October 15 at the National Indoor Sports Centre should formally apologise to international dancehall artiste Grace Hamilton, popularly known as Spice.

First, everyone knows the type of artiste Spice is, and she has never been afraid to show it. She is that vibrant female artiste with those raunchy lyrics, daring behaviour and colourful attire. Her showmanship screams sex.

It's highly unlikely for you to hear one of her songs and not get insight into this. Therefore, the persons booking her for this event must have had an idea of the catalogue of songs she would have had to select from for her performance.

Second, whoever staged this event would have known the noteworthy guests who would have been in attendance.

Third, to make this unfortunate phenomenon even worse, the artiste was scheduled to perform after gospel artiste Kevin Downswell. This transition was poor, and again the organisers are to blame. How can you schedule Spice, knowing the kind of flavour she brings, right after a gospel artiste?

Ironically, following Spice's rather embarrassing performance, a dance group performed to one of Spice's latest popular songs, Indicator. The dance group, unlike Spice, however, was well received. Was this by chance?

Many would say its Spice's fault for not broadening her catalogue to include less-raunchy lyrics that would have been more suitable for this occasion, but I say that's rubbish. It is the organisers' fault.




Spice appeals to a certain type of audience, so those persons who were laughing, hiding their faces and turning up their prim and proper noses during her performance, please remember Spice is just an alter ego, and it is far from the type of person who Grace Hamilton truly is. She is a wonderful mother, daughter and friend.

What's even disappointing is the fact that some of you are the same persons who listen to her songs in the privacy of your homes and cars, some of you even to dance to them in the clubs and at parties; and yet you were there acting as if you are better than her and belittling the brand she worked hard to build.

The organisers need to apologise to Spice. And they need to do so now. This unfortunate incident that have somehow stained Spice's career could have been avoided.

I say kudos to Spice for remaining professional throughout your performance despite the hand you were dealt. It takes someone with great strength and vitality to have done so. Continue to hold your head high.