Fri | Jan 19, 2018

Return district constables to the districts

Published:Saturday | October 22, 2016 | 12:00 AM



In the past few weeks, it is as if crime has been plaguing our society. It is easy to blame that person and this person, that government and this government, for the problem. The truth is, this problem of crime belongs to all of us and will require all hands to be on deck.

We have reached a place where we put forward solutions and do not continue to point fingers and strengthen the blame game.

I have noticed that, just like regular police, district constables (DC) are at the police station and not in the district, where they were originally assigned. It is my view that district constables should be returned the district or community, as their name suggests.

It is hard for any prime minister, minister of national security or commissioner of police to single-handedly tame this monster, especially if it is beyond their expertise or capacity to do so. I am proposing that we return the DC to patrolling districts and reporting physically to the station every three days.

As part of the solution, create a network using social media (WhatsApp group). While in the district on patrol, the officer would witness first hand the activities of the community (pon di corner). If something seems suspicious or looks out of place, the constable would post it and members in the group would be aware and give rapid response where and when necessary.

In the final analysis, send the district constable back to the district to gain first-hand information from the communities and create a network using technology for quick response.