Thu | Jan 18, 2018

Clinton critic lives in another universe

Published:Monday | October 24, 2016 | 12:00 AM


Ewin James inhabits a different world in a different galaxy. He is either blind and deaf or he lies to himself.

In his recent guest column, titled 'Liar, Liar, starring Hillary Clinton', he seems to have forgotten or is ignorant of the eight years prior to the Obama administration. Those eight years sported the greatest liars ever to be found in any administration. That administration even co-opted the Blair government into the atrocities of the Iraq war.

The succeeding Obama administration was met, a priori, with eight years of 'Nyet', even on policies and programmes that would have advanced the American economy to the benefit of all.

On the recently completed debates, what was on stage was not beauty and the beast, but intelligence faced by an angry Muscovite vulture anticipating a feast on a putrid carcass.

The current mess (for want of a more emphatic word) in which Ewin James' fellow travellers find themselves stems from pure racism, although the American media refuse to admit this truth.

I will vote and will vote early. There are no living saints, at least not in politics. I will vote the Democratic ticket for I see purpose and promise and the absence of negative racist politics.



Hyattsville, Maryland