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Fearful of Samuda's rhetoric

Published:Tuesday | October 25, 2016 | 12:00 AM


Readers overseas, with an interest in the free market that has been parroted by the present political administration, are having second thoughts about the investment climate in Jamaica. They fear actions of politicians like Karl Samuda.

However, we ought not to fear, but send politicians the strongest message possible.

Here are three important points that must be made very clear to the Parliament:

First, we do not appreciate the 'forced acquisition' of private property by any government. Second, we strongly abhor the rhetoric or action of any politician to reprimand, or question the decision of, anyone serving on the Supreme Court Bench or at any other level of Jamaica's judiciary.

Third, Jamaica is a democratic nation, where private property rights are enjoyed. Therefore, the free-market system will not be subordinate to the socialist manoeuvres of Karl Samuda and his Government.


Springfield, St Elizabeth