Thu | Feb 22, 2018

Seaga taking democratic socialism out of context

Published:Tuesday | October 25, 2016 | 12:00 AM


Former Prime Minister Edward Seaga, in an article in The Sunday Gleaner, October 23, 2016, titled 'Fearful future of the PNP', in commenting on PNP Deputy General Secretary Julian Robinson's statement on the party's 76-year commitment to the philosophy of democratic socialism, has reverted to a one-sided myopic view of the 1970s. His article lacks context, as well as an understanding of the dialectic.

It was Mr Seaga, in commenting on the results of the December 15, 1976 general election that was won by the PNP, who stated: "I think the PNP scored a very clear and decisive victory ... . In my long period of political campaigning, I have never seen the people of Jamaica react so much to a government in power." (Daily Gleaner, December 16, 1976)

What a difference 40 years has made!

It may be useful, in anticipating the recognition of the 40th anniversary of the December 15, 1976 election victory by the PNP, to resume an informed dialogue on that period. Many of us would be willing to be part of this conversation. Mr Seaga's contribution, I am sure, could be useful.


Former General Secretary,