Sat | Jul 21, 2018

X6 murder verdict fair

Published:Wednesday | October 26, 2016 | 12:00 AM


Similar to the Trayvon Martin case in the United States, so is the uproar of sentiments and disappointment in the acquittal of the infamous X6 murder case in Jamaica. Like many others who paid close attention to the events leading up to the trial, I, too, was rooting for a guilty verdict. This stance was merely on my moral and emotional feelings.

However, as the case went on, I started to see how easily the prosecution's case would fall apart. It all started with the tarnishing of the victim's character, to the testimony of the main witness. I got a totally different picture painted from what I originally assumed, based on media headlines.

I had the impression that this was a clear situation where a raging, arrogant, elitist decided to flex his power and wealth in taking disadvantage of the poor, over luxury and vanity.

Eventually, this view began to shatter as more details started to emerge in the case. I was left with the impression that a car was, indeed, hit by the taxi. However, I was not getting any answers beyond a shadow of a doubt whether the vehicle belonged to the accused, or if he was, in fact, the shooter.

Nonetheless, I think the jury had no other option than to acquit the defendant, as the prosecution, in my view, had a very unconvincing case, and the detectives did a very shoddy or lazy job in their investigations.