Sun | Aug 19, 2018

Why didn't adults save JC schoolboy?

Published:Friday | October 28, 2016 | 12:00 AM


It is not even a week and we are trying to come to terms with the issue of nobody being found guilty of the murder of Khajeel Mais. We are trying to figure out in our minds how the main 'eyewitness' said that he did not see anything that took place on that horrible night that young Khajeel was murdered.

Fast-forward to Wednesday, October 26, and 14-year-old Nicholas Francis is brutally stabbed on a Coaster bus and thrown off to die. This kind of callous and brutal attack on our children ought to cause us, as a society, to pause and wonder. I cannot imagine the grief and shock a parent who sends his or her child to school in the morning and by evening, has to identify the body of that child on ice.

That a busload of adults sat there and did nothing is gut-wrenching and causes us to wonder where our humanity is. Are we going to continue to cry out about crime and violence and then pretend we don't see anything when we witness a crime?

The police should not be calling for any witness to that stabbing on the bus. Every single person who was on that bus should have lined up at the nearest police station to tell what they saw. Having not done anything to help little Nicholas, these passengers should not rest comfortably. Being a bystander to injustice and violence makes you equally culpable. Have we lost our collective humanity?


Toronto, Canada