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Unanswered questions in X6 trial

Published:Monday | October 31, 2016 | 12:00 AM


I am appalled at the outcome of the recently concluded X6 murder case. There are unanswered questions that shake one's faith in the justice system.

1) Why should a judge put a gag order on a family that has been waiting for justice for their loved one for so many years? Does he not know that justice delayed is justice denied? And, for that matter, why did the case take so long to come to trial?

2) How can a murder accused be allowed to refuse to turn over his weapon? Isn't there such a thing as contempt of court in Jamaica?

3) Didn't the main witness who changed his story at trial sign the statement that he gave to police shortly after the incident? Why wasn't the jury allowed to decide which version of his story was true?

4) What investigations, if any, were conducted to discover under what circumstances the main witness changed his story? Did he do so truthfully and of his own volition? Were there forensic investigations done on his finances? Was he induced? Was he threatened?

It is patently obvious that something untoward happened in this case. The parties involved need to explain why this case was so grossly mishandled.


Kingston 6