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Who will compensate me, Mr Holness?

Published:Wednesday | November 2, 2016 | 12:00 AM


This is an open letter to Prime Minister Andrew Holness.

I am a decent and honest citizen of this country. On October 9, 2016, I realised that the fitness certificate for my vehicle had expired. I immediately went to the Portmore tax office and purchased a fitness fee.

The plan was to visit the examination depot on the 10th.

On October 9, I was driving around the corner from my home and went over a drain. A couple of seconds after, my tyre started to lose air.

Neighbours came out and told me that the drain had damaged the tyre and they have been reporting this for weeks. I took the car to the tyre shop on Monday, October 10th, and was told that it is irreparable.

I just bought four brand-new tyres, I have no other funds to purchase a fifth tyre.

I called the Portmore Municipal Council on the 10th and was told to take pictures and come to write a formal complaint. I went there on the 11th and stated that I needed compensation as well.

To date, I have not got anywhere.

The fitness needs to be renewed and I will not go the illegal route to get it done. It cannot be done without a spare tyre.

On October 26, I received a ticket from a policewoman, even though I explained my situation.

When will I be compensated for my tyre?

Who will compensate me for the cost of the ticket?

When will the drain be fixed on Ventura Avenue in Bridgeport, Portmore?

I was told by the municipal office that the Government will take long and I should give it time.

I was told by the policewoman that I will not get that tyre for now, hence she giving me a ticket.

I was also told by the municipal office that if I purchase the tyre with my credit card, I will not be compensated, as the cheque cannot be done in my name.

How long should I wait, Mr Prime Minister?