Sat | Mar 24, 2018

Where is the sense of caring for each other?

Published:Thursday | November 3, 2016 | 12:25 AM



The atrocious acts of violence in Jamaica has many asking what will the government do. What will the police do? What will the church do? But, right now, I am asking, "What will I do?" I know I must have a part to play in all this. Every Jamaican does. We cannot wait on the other to make things right, but rather we must look inward and see if we can make a change to transform our society.

Have we succumbed to a culture in which cold, callous hearts are ready to create chaos? Are we teaching our children that if they don't have a smartphone then, "dem nah say nuttin"? So, we encourage them to be "wise" and do whatever it takes to get that phone and other material possessions. Do we condone brutality in some circumstances, but are confounded by the barbarity of our citizens? Do we laugh at civility, while embracing cruelty? Are we grudgeful and bad-minded when our brother is promoted? Therefore, we try to bring him down with our vitriolic attacks. Do we raise our hands to praise God in our churches, yet refuse to lend a hand to the needy sister in our pew? Are we a part of the problem?

I grew up singing this song written by Joan Whitney Kramer and Alex Kramer decades ago. However, it is a song that we should live by now.

No man is an island,

No man stands alone,

Each man's joy is joy to me,

Each man's grief is my own.

We need one another,

So I will defend,

Each man as my brother,

Each man as my friend.