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Applaud rape victim for bravery

Published:Friday | November 4, 2016 | 12:00 AM

Below is feedback to Wednesday's 'I forgive you, Stranger Rapist', an anonymous column by a rape victim who was assaulted when she was only 11.

Truly, the only way to grow is to forgive. Young woman, mourn, cry, even be angry, because that situation deserves anger.

But thank you for your forgiving him so that you can heal. Mourn, but forgive. And in forgiving, heal. Be angry, but forgive.

And let God know how angry you are. But forgive. And in forgiving, heal.

Thank you for your bravery.


I was so touched by this young lady's story. My heart reaches out to her. Tears welled up in my eyes as I read and felt the pain and anger. I would just want to hug her.

Please encourage her to seek counselling, if she has not yet started. I applaud her for forgiving her attacker. I pray that she uses her test as a testimony to others who have experienced a similar fate. May God continue to empower her as she reclaims the joy the devil tried to steal from her.


She speaks for little girls all over the world. She can be assured that God heard her, and that evil does not go unpunished. The fact that she is alive and is able to express herself so eloquently, she is blessed. God might have taken that animal's life already.


That was an amazing piece. My thoughts and prayers for the brave woman whose freedom has come through her ability to forgive such a coward for hurting her.

You are amazingly strong. Even stronger.


I have read this letter over with tears in my eyes. It's hurtful to see how a disgusting being can scar a child for life. I am happy that you have forgiven and yourself, because unfortunately that was the only cure to pain, anger and confusion felt.

I am so happy that the Lord was your refuge in your troubled time; because "the name of the Lord is a fortified tower; the righteous run to it and are safe" (Prov. 18:10). I don't know why terrible things happen to us, but it is said that everything has a purpose. I am sure that many young women who have suffered the same fate have read your letter and have found hope.

Keep on forgiving and, most important, keep on loving yourself and next time give your future husband a chance. He will make a difference in your life.

Be blessed the Lord loves you!