Mon | Jan 22, 2018

Killers deserve death penalty

Published:Saturday | November 5, 2016 | 12:00 AM


Christiana, Manchester

In recent times, the targeted killing of schoolchildren has become a societal plague. We have seen instances where schoolchildren have been robbed and stabbed to death, houses set on fire with infants inside, and perpetrators would seemingly have got away with it. This is just the tip of the iceberg when compared to similar acts of cruelty and criminality against our children in this our beloved country.

As a people, as a society, we need to take a stand. We need to send a signal to these unscrupulous people who, clearly, have no fear for neither God nor man.

It is my view that the time has come for us to re-examine the death penalty and do what is necessary, in terms of legislation, to start taking the lives of these criminals who show no mercy when committing these dastardly acts of murdering our children who represent the future of our country.

I believe that if these criminals know that they will die once convicted of these horrific crimes against our children, they will think twice about what they are doing. We must fight fire with fire and send the signal that we, indeed, are serious and we do mean business.

I want to use this opportunity to call on Delroy Chuck, minister of justice, to re-examine the law and ensure that we, once again, begin to enforce the death penalty, be it by the hangman's noose, lethal injection, the electric chair or otherwise.

Let us take back Jamaica from these merciless criminals who are determine to destroy our country.