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Who should receive bounty

Published:Wednesday | November 9, 2016 | 12:00 AM


He knew the likely killer of Jamaica College student Nicholas Francis and where he could be found, with clothes still bloody, and wanted to share this information with the police. This is what he told me, the man who came to my gate early the morning, a man I've known and worked with for years, from a nearby poor community. He had already made three tries to contact the police but turned away from two stations (because of the two untrustworthy cops he encountered there).

So contact was made by phone with a very 'high-up' police officer, an unmarked car finally arrived at my gate, and was given directions by the informer, who then left on foot for his home.

On the way, he met the mother of Quacie Hart (aka Quench-aid), who is now charged as the killer. He knew Q's mother well, his neighbour, like Q, of many years. He told her what he had done and strongly urged her, even as she wept, to persuade her son to turn himself in. Which he did very shortly after.

If anyone is due the reward reportedly being collected for the apprehension of the alleged killer of young Francis, this informer is. I should add that in spite of his relentless efforts, he has been for some time unable to get steady employment. He is a very intelligent man, a leader in his community and a single father of a daughter for whom he cares assiduously. He didn't come to my gate because of any reward.